an in-progress collage quilt. the image is of a luna moth. the moth is partially filled in with small pieces of fabric. the background is filled in with small pieces of darker fabrics. some of the fabrics for the moth are on paper on top of the background.

*mumble* years later.. a fresh wordpress install.

I tend to post things I made on instagram, but like, I have owned this domain for 20 years. what if. what if I put those things here, too. what if I wrote about them in greater detail, what if?

moth status as of january 11 2023.

I started on this moth around december 27thish. I had intended to do it for #InverteFest on twitter, but was delayed in starting due to holiday visits and the heater in my house breaking. I clearly would not have finished it in time anyway.

one tuesday in october, I was coming home from my job and I thought “I want to do something really different!” which led to a fused fabric collage haunted house.

haunted house. 20×30″ fused applique. free motion machine quilted. faced.

it took me about a month to finish this quilt. the idea occurred on october 11 and I finished stitching down the facing on november 14.

then I got the idea to make a christmas tree for my mom. clearly I was in holiday mode.

XMESS. 21.5×30.5″ fused applique, free motion quilted, bound.

I started fusing and cutting on november 25 and was finished on december 16. it’s about the same size as the house, but it didn’t have quite as many tiny pieces.

the moth is currently about 28×38″ which is comparatively huge. no wonder it’s taking me forever, despite being better at knowing what I’m doing!



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