stuffed kitties

clearance fleece makes for fabulously squishy stuffed kitties.

I’ve not made much for Christmas (not enough time this year to do it personally, but I did manage to spend about a trillion dollars on other etsy sellers), but a few kitties will be going to some adorable little girls I know.


The business of busy-ness.

We have stuff to do ALL THE TIME!
My day job has been CRAZY!
….WE GOT A KITTEN!!!! (Click for amazing pictures of Hugo!)

Blah blah blah. I’ve been pretty wiped out from all this.. My internet-attention is a bit diminished, and I’ve only been able to throw together a few very simple projects.

Some drawings – I rarely spend more than five minutes on any particular sketch lately..

Ed and Lauren’s kittens were intent on keeping us up all night!

I’ve been thinking a lot about fat birds and yummy snacks..

annnd it’s getting cold out so everything needs a cozy. Passport cover featuring an embroidered applique version of rotsquirrelen..



the EPU II challenge

I have to admit I had a hard time figuring out just how to address the idea of cultures in cloth. I decided to go a little on the funny side, and pick the internet as my community.

The first little “sketch” of my idea:

How it turned out:


Super special thanks to Sue for letting me mangle her face for this project! I will have better pictures soon.


Catch-up 3.

A few weeks ago, Bill found someone to record cello so he could finish his solo record. (Which, by the way, is now completely done and the full album is available to download for free HERE!! It is wonderful, I promise.)

Bill asked if I could make a small thing as a thank-you gift to the cellist, so while they recorded I made this. She said she liked giraffes, and I decided I wanted to make a portrait that looked something like an old photograph.


Catch-up 2.

I have a bunch of Sculpey from past attempts at making figures of characters from video games. A couple weeks ago I needed to use some for a work-related project. While I had it out, I decided to make some things.

Obviously I am not a polymer clay expert so this is nothing new or fancy. But some are buttons!

blue, white, and silver swirls

swirly junk

swirly junk led to this one big button

a wad of checkered things

checkered things led to these squished things

I love the squished things best, but know not what to do with them. Everything still needs to be polished.


Catch-up 1.

Oh so I failed to mention in my previous post-trip-posts that we got engaged! In Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. We have no plans yet.
My fabulous ring:


New book

I made it about halfway through the B&N birdie sketchbook I was whining about in a previous post. I decided I had enough of it for now and bought a new book on Thursday. They didn’t have the 7×10 Strathmore drawing (only sketch), so I had to get the 7×10 Canson drawing – I don’t like it quite as much because the spiral is way bigger – but it’ll do just fine.

So of course it needed stickering, and I was already thinking about laser guns..



It’s very hard to take pictures of holographic stickers! Sorry they are blurry. It’s raining so the light is kind of icky.

And here is an in progress picture of my completely unplanned pink.. thing.

Oh dear, it is a mess. Maybe it’ll be better once the lasers come in 🙂


We have returned from The Europe

Oh, dear blog.

Bill and I went on our fabulous First Transatlantic Trip Ever. I decided not to chance airline crapola regarding scissors and such, and only brought a tiny sketchbook, my travel watercolors, and four pens. I managed to fill up 25 pages of it with records of our meals, places we went, little drawings, etc.

Here is our photo recap. Not quite everything, but most things! It includes some of the drawings.

I impulsively started sewing something bright pink and weird last night – I might send it off to a breast cancer charity art show. I started making it and then, appropriately, Legally Blonde came on. Haha. We’ll see how this goes. It will probably involve laser guns again. I am not kidding.