i made it sketchbook

30 day drawing challenge, part 3

pages 33-34
21. guilty pleasure (mom guilt about liking the free time I get from 12 hours of preschool a week)
22. favorite cartoon character

pages 35-36
23. actor (Jon Lovitz with NO REFERENCE because I.. couldn’t think of anything)
25. best friend (when your best friend is like “It was aliens!” for like the fifty billionth time)

pages 37-38
24. collage (ft Tilda Swinton, runway models, wasp nest paper)
26. instrument (Man or Astro-Man’s theremin)

pages 39-40
27. sentimental value (childhood blankie)
28. zodiac sign

pages 41-41
29. meaning of your name
30. favorite outfit

i made it sketchbook

30 day drawing challenge, part 2

pages 23-24
11. Supervillain – Hugo as ENTITLEMENT MAN!
12. Elderly person

pages 25-26
13. a baby
14. pet portrait

pages 27-28
15. dinosaur
16. drawing without looking

pages 29-30
17. delicious food
18. zombie

pages 31-32
19. sea creature
20. dream job

i made it sketchbook

30 day drawing challenge, part 1

An friend of mine put out a call on Facebook to join a group 30-day drawing challenge. I love those things! Sometimes I even finish them! The last one I did was the SpoonChallenge, but I chose to embroider and paint my pieces instead of traditional drawing. For this challenge I did them on paper. Some are pretty involved – I tried to fill in the whole page instead of just drawing a single centered subject – but some are quick cheater sketches. I love a few of them though. Here are the first ten, across five spreads.

pages 13-14
self portrait / imaginary friend

pages 15-16
recent dream / redesign book cover

pages 17-18
childhood memory / what’s in your bag

pages 19-20
hybrid animal / scene from a movie

pages 21-22
conjoined twins / superhero

You can view everyone’s contributions over at PJ, Puffin and Friends.

clothes i made it

Dottie Angel frock (Simplicity 1080)

I don’t use Pinterest and didn’t know the Dottie Angel frock was a THING, but I saw it posted on Instagram and was like.. This is exactly the kind of decorative trash bag dress I need in my life. So I obsessed over it a little bit. Prior to seeing the pattern I had bought a bunch of Alison Glass Handmade fabric from my local quilt shop, and after I saw the pattern I knew I had to use it. The magenta and orange are Kona solids, and I made the yellow bias tape from some of my dyed fabric.

Dottie Angel Frock

Dottie Angel Frock

I read some pattern reviews from more experienced sewists who had some helpful things to say. I’m glad – I dropped the darts two inches and took a few inches off the bottom edge of the top panel to shorten the dress without losing the Handmade print of the bottom panel. The instructions say to finish most of the seams with bias tape, which I did not do but for the neck and arms. I didn’t have the right size for the neckline so it’s a bit wide. The one thing that I really messed up was the French seams where the armholes meet, but because it’s interior, no one can tell when I’m wearing it!

clothes i made it

Kid grows, cut out next size of pattern, repeat

Oliver + S Ice Cream top from a Riley Blake print. I added a dinky pocket.

Ice Cream Top

Ice Cream Top

i made it quilts

The Great Seal of the United States of Toxic Masculinity

Early in the summer I participated in a humorous AMERICUHHH themed swap and made this.. thing for my poor swap partner.

The Great Seal of the United States of Toxic Masculinity

The Great Seal of the United States of Toxic Masculinity

14×16″ or so
Fused applique, micron pen, acrylic ink, hand dyed and undyed cotton fabrics, free motion machine stitching, who knows

Dedicated to every bro I’ve ever yelled at on the internet. Could have used a fedora and a vape thing but whatever.

clothes dye i made it

Hybrid pattern

Taking the MODIFY IT! MAKE IT YOURS! message of Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns to heart, I thought about what I liked best about the extant Alabama Chanin dress patterns and how I could put them together to make more garments I really love. What I ended up doing was combining the fitted dress and a-line dress patterns to create a fit-and-flare silhouette similar to the camisole dress. It has the coverage/shape of the fitted dress from the shoulders to the waist and reaches out to a wide twirly hemline at the knee. Lots of room for seam pockets. I made three garments with it so far.

In June, hand dyed pink yardage from Dharma, with POCKETS!!!
hybrid dress

In July, a tunic from two layers of lightweight 100% cotton jersey I dug out at Jo-Ann (finished on vacation in North Carolina):
hybrid top

And most recently – just finished on the 15th – from the Lizzy House Hit Parade knits for Andover. This fabric is 95/5% cotton/spandex, and on the thin side, so it’s a bit different from most of what I’ve used before. But I can’t resist cats.
Cat dress (ft real cats)

clothes i made it

A-line top

More from Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns.. an A-line top! I liked the dress, but I prefer lower front and back necklines in my tank tops, so I copied the shape from the fitted dress pattern. Since I’m posting this several months after I made it (in May, that was a long time ago!), I can tell you that I wore it with shorts all summer long, because it was so nice and breezy.
Made of two layers of very lightweight organic jersey from

A-line top - lowered and softened neckline

A-line top - lowered back neckline

clothes dye i made it

Wrap skirt

The skirts in the first Alabama Chanin books are all elastic waist, and the patterns appear to put them at the natural waist.. I have an aversion to most elastic waistbands and prefer to wear bottom garments more toward my hips. Because of this I’ve never bothered to try an Alabama Chanin skirt pattern. Then the new book came out, with a wrap skirt! Hooray!

Wrap skirt

I intended to make all three main panels with the grey-purple/pink colorway, but once again I was foiled! I had a yard and a half of each of the three colors, but I couldn’t fit all the XL pattern pieces on any one cut. Instead of dyeing more, I just used what I had.

Rather than using a stencil for this reverse applique, I just used my 6×24″ acrylic ruler to trace lines on the back of the inner layer. I stitched over the drawn lines and cut away to make the diamond check pattern. All three main panels are stitched this way; the one panel is two layers of the same color so it’s harder to make out.

I ran into a few issues. The first thing is sort of specific to this pattern: the construction of this skirt involves a few steps that are new to the Chanin method canon, and they really would have benefited from some photos or diagrams. At this point I’ve made over a dozen garments from AC patterns, so I’m not a beginner, but I needed some reassurance about the placement of the ties and stuff like that. Second, and I’m sure I whined about this before: give us accurate fabric yardage estimates for every size! The book said a yard per layer, so I thought maybe a yard and a half would do.. nope. Third.. I should have made an XXL, whoops.

clothes i made it

Three garments from dyed green yardage

I like to buy bulk yardage of cotton jersey from Dharma Trading and dye it myself for my Alabama Chanin projects. I dyed a bunch of it green this spring and made three garments.

First, a short sleeve bolero
green short sleeve bolero

Then a camisole top
Camisole top

And finally, a cardigan with pockets.
open jacket