felt in progress rambles

Thirty days

I am pretty guilty of blog/website neglect, so when someone on a board I read suggested a thirty day challenge for the month of September, I decided I would spend it making posts every day. (This, instead of something truly self-improving, such as “I’m going to exercise for thirty minutes every day!” which others have made their admirable goal! I know that I am lazy, so I shoot low..)

So now we’re past the three week mark, and I’ve managed to keep up, which is super cool. Doing this has also been an impetus to keep my makin’ stuff muscles flexed – although I had a few months’ worth of images squirreled away in my subdirectories, they would not be enough to fill the whole thirty days. I’ve always used this space as a show-off-pictures kind of deal, not a GLURGH LISTEN WHAT I DID TODAY deal, but I’m not sure how long that separation will last (I am also a LiveJournal neglector extraordinaire). So maybe I’ll just see how long I can keep this post streak going, even if it means getting a little wordy sometimes. (CAUTION: NOT A GREAT WRITER.)

Anyway, I woke up with a sore throat today which is NOT AWESOME, but here is the first day’s progress on a felty project:

Body, legs, and a pink brain!

in progress

a spacey theme

l-r solid red, orange rocket print, blue w/ sproinky things (the brown in this will prolly nix it from the pile, though), red/white box print, yellow star print, solid turquoise, red/orange print, yellow rocket print, red squares print, blue space print, yellow hand dyed

in progress

a buggy theme

mixing prints, solids, and hand dyes

l-r: insects/magnifying glasses, hand dyed olives, snails/dots, flying insects, brown/metallic blue dots, direct-applied hand dyed goofy junk, mystery lime green, hand dyed brown (with fabulous multicolor undertones)

in progress

oooh oooh ooh

My friend Ang asked me to make a couple blankets for upcoming baby showers! Yesterday, she came over and shopped my stash to pick fabrics for them. I’m excited! I would take pictures of the piles, but I killed the camera battery taking pictures of cats. WHOOPS

cats dye in progress machine embroidery

Hugo gets some attention..

Before we even got Linus, I did some direct-application dyeing on canvas and began machine embroidering a portrait of Hugo. It’s nowhere near finished, but here are some in-progress photos.
As it is currently:

Closeup of the thread on his face; the dyed fabric without any stitching.

I like this because it is like the Royal Rainbow from Katamari Damacy, which is my favorite video game!