felt i made it

The next little thing..

Bigfoot/sasquatchy dude!

He looks a bit happier than I meant for him to be, but meh.

There probably won’t be any little things posted again in the next couple of weeks. Alice has come to absolute-crazy-make-stuff-crunchtime so I will be spending my time on that. Performances begin on the 29th, so there is not much time left! *sews furiously*

felt i made it

Little things, day two

I made a second angler, it’s just a little bigger than the first one. They are friends. (Each is around 1×2″)

I’ve been watching too much MonsterQuest on the History Channel, so here’s a generic lake monster. Or, for you more dinosaurily-inclined folks, a plesiosaur or elasmosaur. She should be the first in a series of cryptids.


felt i made it

Little things

Teeny needlefelted anglerfish!

About an inch wide.


bags i made it

Oh, it has been done

The bag has been finished.

(In the interest of full disclosure, it was NOT finished when this picture was taken; however the addition of the lining did not change its outward appearance!)

It’s so heavy now that it’s done, too! We did a bit of a test run today and used it as a fourth shopping bag on our grocery trip today. Being that the bottom didn’t fall off when it was full, I think it’s going to last a while. Huzzah.

bags i made it

So far-

Lately, I’ve been doing work on pieces for Wandering Alice. My day job has been busy and we’ve had social things to do too. So my for-me and for-etsy making has been a bit stalled. Unfortunate!

I’ve been working on the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag. It’s going a bit slowly. I made the main side panels last week, and last night did the outside top part with the zipper. When I got to putting the pockets onto the top part, I made them upside down! Fool. Sooo.. I stopped there, and have to recut those pieces before I can move on.
Pattern sewing is not really my strength, but this bag will probably turn out all right.

Here’s a shot of the finished sides. Woohoo for first-time piping!

GIGANTIC. Really. Huge.

I’ve also been working on going through stacks of paper and ephemera I’ve collected over the years. Instructional stuff and usable bits of stuff have been catalogued into manila envelopes, binders, and folders. The rest is newspaper clippings, printouts, and pictures which I’ve started taping into my current sketchbook.
I was doing some of that last week while watching Akira. Then I got sidetracked and drew a coelacanth.

Haha, living fossil!

i made it machine embroidery quilts

Laser gun

I was watching Star Trek TNG on Monday night, and I decided to sew a little laser gun.

lasers go BEW BEW BEW!!!

bags i made it


Our friends John and Gosia were getting married last month. I was wearing a dress that has an awesome mod print in shades of olive and mustard over off-white, but I had no appropriately sized purse to go with it. So, a few hours before the wedding, I threw together a little zippered clutch. Again, not perfect, but it fit my wallet, camera, phone, etc. It’ll work well as a pencil case aside from that 🙂

dye i made it machine embroidery quilts

Lamb skulls, updated

I didn’t think I was going to go in this direction with the lamb skulls, but I ended up squishing them onto a quilt.

The background fabric is green stuff from my last post. Binding didn’t seem appropriate to finish the edges (and I am lazy), so I used two layers of overcast stitching instead. Finished size is 15×19.5″. Cotton duck and muslin, cotton/poly thread, fabric marker, and graphite, poly batting.
There are a number of errors, certainly (I wasn’t really going for perfect!) – but I still like it. I am sending it to someone (I think), and I hope he likes it too.

I was a bit too excited about finishing it to wait for it to dry completely after steaming it. You’ll notice some dampness in the pictures 🙂

I kind of love making giant-applique-image-in-the-center-of-a-quilt things.

dye i made it

Dye Experiments

I had to take a day off work Monday for a meeting, but ended up with a whole free afternoon. My recent Dharma order – bolt of muslin! chemicals! more dyes! – was gnawing at me, so I made a trip to the hardware store – buckets! stirrers! tarp! – organized my new dye cabinet, and got cracking in the basement on some simple experiments. Each is two yards by 48″ (or was it 45″?)

First up, two shades of black and one shade of blue created this grey beastie:

Second, two different greens combined with one black:

And finally, grey on grey.

Forgive my blurriness (I was standing on a twirly desk chair) and Alfie’s intrusions. She loves to help. Speaking of which, here’s a video.

(If I was using the floor as a pin table, she’d come over to investigate, and then pull out the ball-topped pins. I finally bought a box of the bent safety pins, thinking it’d deter her.. Little did I know she’d just try to make off with the entire box. Terrible!)

i made it machine embroidery

The King of Carrot Flowers, Parts Two and Three

In progress.. Should have been done a month ago, but I only managed to eke out some drawings then. I was busy making Jears!

“..the dogs dissolve and drain away”

Same linen as Part One. Using grey thread here, with black in the bobbin. I’m going to use a slightly darker grey thread on top for definition in a few spots. Also, I’m planning to use other colors in the bobbin to see what it does to the thread tails on the right.