i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween days 11 and 12

Days 11 and 12 are all thread, no paint. Halloweeny.

drawlloween day 11: raven
Raven (text is from “The Witch of the Westmorland” by Stan Rogers)

drawlloween day 12: moon
Moon. Obviously.

i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween days 9 and 10

oh you knew the cats would make an appearance eventually, right?? Here they are!

drawlloween day 9: eyeball
day 9 – eyeball: Hugo’s giant orange eyeballs, v Halloween

drawlloween day 10: alien
day 10 – alien: Linus is clearly not of this Earth

i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween days 7 and 8


drawlloween day 7: haunted house
day 7 – haunted house: “Is this house haunted?” “YES BY THE MEMORIES OF ITS YOUTHFUL INDISCRETIONS”

drawlloween day 8: zombie
day 8 – zombie: stayin’ up too late playin’ Two Dots again huh

i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween days 5 and 6

jokes, these are the jokes and the pop culture references

drawlloween day 5: werewolf
day 5 – werewolf: I made WOLFMANBUN and I only feel a little bit bad about it

drawlloween day 6: pumpkin
day 6 – pumpkin: “Sincerity as far as the eye can see!” says Linus* in the pumpkin patch.

*Linus van Pelt. Not my cat.

i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween day 3 and 4

continuing in my “replacing creepy imaginary things with real animals” theme..

drawlloween day 3: goblin
day 3 – goblin: a goblin shark

drawlloween day 4: vampire
day 4 – vampire: a vampire squid (coincidentally, Alice wants to be a vampire squid for Halloween and I’m sort of working on that)

i made it machine embroidery

apparently I love drawing challenges: Drawlloween

Look, you give me a list of words and YEs YES I WILL DRAW THEM maybe even all of them?? And maybe EMBROIDER THEM?! This is what we’re doing in October. Remember the SpoonChallenge? I did 20 embroideries for those prompts and ended up selling at least half of them over the last few craft shows I did. Mostly at the March 2015 Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market.. Thanks dudes.

So I’m embroidering the Drawlloween ones. These will hopefully be for sale on Etsy in the first week of November, and definitely for sale at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on November 8. *IF* I finish all of them, there will be 31 this time!! Ack!

drawlloween day 1: ghost
day 1 – ghost! pretty self explanatory, this one.

drawlloween day 2: devil
day 2 – devil. I did a thorny devil, because it turns out I’m terrible at creepy things and better at just drawing animals and bad jokes.