i made it machine embroidery quilts

Finished horse vulture quilt

Horse Vulture quilt

It’s about 15.25″ tall by 12″ wide.
All the fabrics are hand-dyed or undyed cotton.
Free-motion embroidery and quilting. Some shading with a Micron 005 pen.

I think it’s finished? I have a lot of opinions about the way I did things, but everything’s a learning experience, eh?

in progress quilts

Further work on the horse vulture quilt

After some bone embroidery, before trimming
Adding free motion embroidery to the bones – first the light parts

Shaded in the bones
and then the dark parts.

Trimmed excess, filled in feathers, outlined with zigzag
I trimmed away the excess fabric, and did a LOT of outlining with a zigzag stitch. Also, I wanted to shade the feathers, and did it with a Micron 005.

in progress quilts

Thinking about layouts

layout idea for quilt

I cut out some bones and am considering how to proceed with the frame. Should I continue cutting out more bones to make the frame look like a pile, or is this one row enough?

dye in progress quilts sketchbook

Starting a new piece.

I obviously have not made many things since the baby was born, but I’m getting some of my studio time back. Here’s the very beginning of a new piece.

It started as a sketch in my book:
Page 3

The night I scanned the drawing, I sort of impulsively decided to make it into a quilt or embroidery. I didn’t have a plan yet, so I just made a template from a printout, cut pieces out of some hand dyed fabrics, and fused them together.
beginning of quilt

Then I stopped to work out some more details. I *love* sketchbook thinking and I really missed it. For me, making a whole piece is like solving a strange kind of problem.

page 15

So now I have a clearer idea of what I want the piece to be and what I have to do to get there. It could still all change in the future, but now I have direction!

50/52 hand embroidery quilts

50/52: z is for zoinks, says the zebra (#18)

tiny tiny embroidery/quilted thing.

i made it machine embroidery quilts

The Dodge Honeybee comes up again..

Back in March, I posted about the camper we had when I was a kid. I remade the illustration into a little wall quilt as a Father’s Day gift for my dad.


I forgot to measure but I think it’s probably 14-16″ on the long side. Lots of fusing, which I’ve only used a little bit before. Mostly fabrics and thread, some ink and a little bit of colored pencil. I managed to do this entire thing without making any major mistakes that had to be fixed! No melted tulle, no mis-fused bits. I’m so happy! Of course the back is a complete wreck but I’m not fussy about what sits against the wall. (The camper itself was drawn mostly from memory – I’m sure there are some pictures at my parents’ house, but I didn’t have any here, and googling only turned up two image results for the exterior, neither of which showed the front end.)

hand embroidery i made it quilts


Pink narwhals embroidered with various threads on dyed pink fabric, cotton batting, hand dyed backing, commercial binding; hand quilted. 12×10″

One of them is sparkly.

i made it machine embroidery quilts

Laser gun

I was watching Star Trek TNG on Monday night, and I decided to sew a little laser gun.

lasers go BEW BEW BEW!!!

dye i made it machine embroidery quilts

Lamb skulls, updated

I didn’t think I was going to go in this direction with the lamb skulls, but I ended up squishing them onto a quilt.

The background fabric is green stuff from my last post. Binding didn’t seem appropriate to finish the edges (and I am lazy), so I used two layers of overcast stitching instead. Finished size is 15×19.5″. Cotton duck and muslin, cotton/poly thread, fabric marker, and graphite, poly batting.
There are a number of errors, certainly (I wasn’t really going for perfect!) – but I still like it. I am sending it to someone (I think), and I hope he likes it too.

I was a bit too excited about finishing it to wait for it to dry completely after steaming it. You’ll notice some dampness in the pictures 🙂

I kind of love making giant-applique-image-in-the-center-of-a-quilt things.