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(Slightly) larger scale embroidery

Most of the embroidery work I’ve done in the last ten? years has been pretty small. My first pieces were all little sketches, cut out with ribbons attached for hanging. Over the past few years I started doing more elaborate compositions and adding color with paint. And now I’m scaling up, and trying to remember to make them the right sizes for frames. Do I always do the cats? No. Do I usually do the cats? Yes.

May 2016
Forbidden Yogurt
Forbidden Yogurt, 8×10″ (sold)

Cat memorial
Cat Memorial, 8×12″ (sold)
Commissioned by the person who bought Forbidden Yogurt to memorialize her own cats, based on one of my previous pieces.

October 2016
Bigger embroideries framed
These three pieces were part of my #drawlloween contribution. I didn’t finish the challenge because of some other obligations. Most of the embroideries I did were 5×7″ (they’ll be in an upcoming post).
Hugomet, 10×12″
Radioactive Kaiju Linus, 8×12″ (sold)
Gnome Linus, 9×12″

Eek! Linus
Eek! Linus, 12×12″

December 2016
Alice embroidery
Portrait of Alice, 8×10″ (gift)
I made this one as a birthday present for my grandmother. (I just want to say that my source photo was from our annual Christmas trip to Storybook Land in Cardiff, NJ. Alice was watching Santa Claus as he waved his magic wand to turn on the lights in the park at dusk. I loved how intent she was.)

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