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A nice flowy shirt and some overdyed storebought clothes

Drapey ghost shirt

There was a customized garment posted on the AC Journal, an A-Line dress with sleeves added (“just trace the armhole”). But I’m lazy, and the tshirt is cut on the fold instead of having a seam down the front, so I started with that pattern and used the A-Line tunic as a guide to add length and width.

Fabric is the ghost print from Lizzy House Hit Parade Knits by Andover.

This was my sixteenth garment in 2015, and the last one I made for myself before the holiday makefest.

This was a bathrobe I found on the clearance rack in Marshalls. It was a marled white color, and the belt was missing. But it looked like it could be a perfect length cardigan with pockets, so I had to get it. I removed the belt loops and dyed it, and now I wear it like it’s not a bathrobe.

There are a few kinds of clothes I can’t get enough of. One is semi-structured jackets made from knit fabrics. This one was on the clearance rack at Anthropologie over the summer. It was originally white with wide horizontal pale blue stripes. I dyed it once then in a forest green dye, but it wasn’t really the green I wanted. I dyed it again in a very strong grass green bath and got it closer to what I was looking for.

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