i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween days 29 and 30

Do you remember the Scary Stories series? Of course you do. Because those illustrations probably still haunt your nightmares. Do you remember Harold? He is the only scary scarecrow in all of history. Except he scared people, not crows. This guy here? He is no Harold.

drawlloween day 29: scarecrow

Day 30 was spider. Bill told Alice a very abbreviated and edited version of Lord of the Rings. For some reason, she really latched on to Shelob, the giant spider who lives in a cave outside Mordor. Mainly she snacks on goblins, but she in the story she tries to eat Frodo and Sam. Alice’s love of Shelob has made her very disappointed that real spiders a) don’t have stingers on their butts and b) aren’t the size of our house. This piece is basically a valentine.

drawlloween day 30: spider

By maggie

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