i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween days 23 and 24

One of the people I’ve been following for Drawlloween suggested replacing ‘gore’ with ‘the Addams Family’ because gore is icky. And I get that, obviously, because I have definitely been bending the meanings of words and abandoning prompts I didn’t like. But I had an idea for gore that I didn’t think would be too bad. As I get older, I’m less and less able to look at gory stuff (real or not) without feeling a bit sick. That’s fine. I thought I could do an abstraction that might imply something fleshy or bloody. I thought about textbook illustrations of dermal layers.

drawlloween day 23: gore

Day 24 was skeleton. Skull was recent, so this felt a little redundant, especially because I chose another animal theme and made it black black blaaaaack. These are some of the skeletal remains you might find in an owl pellet.

drawlloween day 24: skeleton

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