i made it machine embroidery

drawlloween days 17 and 18

drawlloween day 17: demon
From the “hey wait that’s not right” files: day 17 was ‘demon’ and I bent the theme a bit and made one of the Icelandic Yule Lads. Not a demon. Maybe a bit of a troll. Impish even? This is Doorway-Sniffer, who wanders around snuffling at doors to find houses with freshly-baked bread to steal. (The bread might actually be cookies. Whoops.)

drawlloween day 18: mask
Mask: a mask from my mom’s collection of Halloween decorations. It comes from a vintage costume that would probably be better if it was just.. a kid with a crown and a masquerade mask, rather than a whole face mask of some blonde lady? I don’t know. This mask is weird.

By maggie

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