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apparently I love drawing challenges: Drawlloween

Look, you give me a list of words and YEs YES I WILL DRAW THEM maybe even all of them?? And maybe EMBROIDER THEM?! This is what we’re doing in October. Remember the SpoonChallenge? I did 20 embroideries for those prompts and ended up selling at least half of them over the last few craft shows I did. Mostly at the March 2015 Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market.. Thanks dudes.

So I’m embroidering the Drawlloween ones. These will hopefully be for sale on Etsy in the first week of November, and definitely for sale at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on November 8. *IF* I finish all of them, there will be 31 this time!! Ack!

drawlloween day 1: ghost
day 1 – ghost! pretty self explanatory, this one.

drawlloween day 2: devil
day 2 – devil. I did a thorny devil, because it turns out I’m terrible at creepy things and better at just drawing animals and bad jokes.

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