i made it sketchbook

30 day drawing challenge, part 3

pages 33-34
21. guilty pleasure (mom guilt about liking the free time I get from 12 hours of preschool a week)
22. favorite cartoon character

pages 35-36
23. actor (Jon Lovitz with NO REFERENCE because I.. couldn’t think of anything)
25. best friend (when your best friend is like “It was aliens!” for like the fifty billionth time)

pages 37-38
24. collage (ft Tilda Swinton, runway models, wasp nest paper)
26. instrument (Man or Astro-Man’s theremin)

pages 39-40
27. sentimental value (childhood blankie)
28. zodiac sign

pages 41-41
29. meaning of your name
30. favorite outfit

By maggie

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