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30 day drawing challenge, part 1

An friend of mine put out a call on Facebook to join a group 30-day drawing challenge. I love those things! Sometimes I even finish them! The last one I did was the SpoonChallenge, but I chose to embroider and paint my pieces instead of traditional drawing. For this challenge I did them on paper. Some are pretty involved – I tried to fill in the whole page instead of just drawing a single centered subject – but some are quick cheater sketches. I love a few of them though. Here are the first ten, across five spreads.

pages 13-14
self portrait / imaginary friend

pages 15-16
recent dream / redesign book cover

pages 17-18
childhood memory / what’s in your bag

pages 19-20
hybrid animal / scene from a movie

pages 21-22
conjoined twins / superhero

You can view everyone’s contributions over at PJ, Puffin and Friends.

By maggie

2 replies on “30 day drawing challenge, part 1”

this is awesome! I’d love to do a drawing a day challenge. I started a drawing a day thing that was supposed to go for a year and I kept it up for about 3 months. Which is not terrible. My favorites on this page are the self-portrait and the dream dress.

hey thanks!! I didn’t do a good job keeping up with the schedule so some days I was drawing like four of them at a time, haha. Having a list of subjects and prompts is really helpful for me. I’m trying to do #drawlloween this year too, there’s a list on Instagram if you use it. It’s not too late to start!

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