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Hybrid pattern

Taking the MODIFY IT! MAKE IT YOURS! message of Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns to heart, I thought about what I liked best about the extant Alabama Chanin dress patterns and how I could put them together to make more garments I really love. What I ended up doing was combining the fitted dress and a-line dress patterns to create a fit-and-flare silhouette similar to the camisole dress. It has the coverage/shape of the fitted dress from the shoulders to the waist and reaches out to a wide twirly hemline at the knee. Lots of room for seam pockets. I made three garments with it so far.

In June, hand dyed pink yardage from Dharma, with POCKETS!!!
hybrid dress

In July, a tunic from two layers of lightweight 100% cotton jersey I dug out at Jo-Ann (finished on vacation in North Carolina):
hybrid top

And most recently – just finished on the 15th – from the Lizzy House Hit Parade knits for Andover. This fabric is 95/5% cotton/spandex, and on the thin side, so it’s a bit different from most of what I’ve used before. But I can’t resist cats.
Cat dress (ft real cats)

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Excellent work! I love the camisole dress so I’ll have to try this out as well! The pink dress is gorgeous on you 🙂

Nice! I’m about to put/sew together an Alabama Chanin basics wardrobe. Love your 3 pieces.

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