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Wrap skirt

The skirts in the first Alabama Chanin books are all elastic waist, and the patterns appear to put them at the natural waist.. I have an aversion to most elastic waistbands and prefer to wear bottom garments more toward my hips. Because of this I’ve never bothered to try an Alabama Chanin skirt pattern. Then the new book came out, with a wrap skirt! Hooray!

Wrap skirt

I intended to make all three main panels with the grey-purple/pink colorway, but once again I was foiled! I had a yard and a half of each of the three colors, but I couldn’t fit all the XL pattern pieces on any one cut. Instead of dyeing more, I just used what I had.

Rather than using a stencil for this reverse applique, I just used my 6×24″ acrylic ruler to trace lines on the back of the inner layer. I stitched over the drawn lines and cut away to make the diamond check pattern. All three main panels are stitched this way; the one panel is two layers of the same color so it’s harder to make out.

I ran into a few issues. The first thing is sort of specific to this pattern: the construction of this skirt involves a few steps that are new to the Chanin method canon, and they really would have benefited from some photos or diagrams. At this point I’ve made over a dozen garments from AC patterns, so I’m not a beginner, but I needed some reassurance about the placement of the ties and stuff like that. Second, and I’m sure I whined about this before: give us accurate fabric yardage estimates for every size! The book said a yard per layer, so I thought maybe a yard and a half would do.. nope. Third.. I should have made an XXL, whoops.

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