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the trash scarf

When I dye and paint my scarves, I like to keep one or two around for testing out techniques and materials, or for somewhere to use up any excess thickened dye. I guess they’re kind of like scratch paper? Rags? Here are two examples I just retired:

inky trash scarf

I started this one about a year ago when I bought my first bottles of acrylic ink. There’s ink and dye on this. I tested shading with a small brush, how the colors would bleed if they were wet, and how the colors mixed with white, among other things. I also dip-dyed it and did some other stuff.

dye trash scarf
This one features a few months’ worth of thickened dyes. It was doubled up on a hanger, and I globbed the thickened dyes on it and let them drip down on their own. Usually after I retire one of these, I resist it and overdye it in some way, but I think this one looks pretty good as it is.

By maggie

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