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Wardrobe planning

This year I’m making a quasi-effort at planning my wardrobe sewing in advance. I looked at what I already have in my closet and drawers, and I think I need more color. I love bright colors! Why am I not using bright colors?!

page 19-20

I have all three of the Alabama Chanin books at hand, which have a bunch of patterns that can be modified into even more garments, PLUS I signed up for Natalie’s Craftsy class because daaannng yes I want a coat and instructions on how to modify patterns for wovens. She has a new book coming out soon, too, and I will certainly get it.

For fabrics, I have three cuts of commercial knit yardage in my stash. I ordered twelve yards of jersey to dye for myself. Plus uncountable scraps and old clothes to cut up.

First fabrics for this year's clothes

So far I’ve barely considered the patterns I have for wovens, but I do have plans on that front as well.

This is sort of working? I’m not allowed to start cutting any new projects until I finish one of my UFOS, I’m only allowed to consider them on paper, so I’ve worked out quite a bit.

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Just found your blog in my search for more Alabama-Chanin-style inspiration – thanks so much for sharing your versions! I love your color choices and you’re inspiring me to step a bit more out of the box on my next corset top (there WILL be another).

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