clothes in progress stencil

Speaking of doing it backwards..

The shark jaw stencil strikes again. You’re supposed to stencil your pattern pieces and do all the embellishment before you construct the garment, but in this case I really wanted the image to stay as whole as possible. I sewed five of the six panels together and pinned them flat to a board for stenciling.

Stick the shark jaw on everything.

And then, in what may be a terrible decision from the “needing access to the back” angle, I finished sewing the whole thing together. I basted a layer of scraps underneath the stencil to help support the weight of the beads that are going on it. Then I thought I should bind the neck and armholes so I didn’t overwhelm those basting stitches and make them wonky.

Prepare for beads.

I expect to have weeks (months) (years) of beading ahead of me so we’ll see how it goes.

By maggie

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