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Long fitted dress (again)

But this time, it wasn't for me.

Normally every fall I'm like, "OH I MUST MAKE ELEVENTY BILLION CHRISTMAS GIFTS," but well.. This time I knew I was going to have some trouble with that. Sure, I have no regular day job. But this year, I did two craft shows in November, and then in December I flew to LA to be on Jeopardy. So first I had to spend time on inventory items, and then I lost a week to traveling.

Before I committed to making the tote bag for my cousin, I asked my sister-in-law if she'd like me to make her a dress. She decided on the long dress and the color. Ta-da.

Christmas gift for my sister-in-law

It's a size medium, so I had to cut out a new copy of the pattern. I ordered fabric before my trip to LA, and it arrived when I got back. Then I started sewing, and I ran out of thread. I went to Jo-Ann, only to discover that Coats has discontinued the burgundy button & craft thread, so you can't buy it anywhere anymore, except it's still in stock on the Alabama Chanin site. I panic-ordered eight spools, and they shipped priority two day, so I should have gotten the package with plenty of time to sew the rest of the dress.

Then the package disappeared for a while. It should have been delivered on Thursday the 18th, but it wasn't, and no update scans had been done. It arrived on the 22nd instead. And somehow I managed to finish the whole dress fairly early on the 24th and didn't have to stay up too late to do it. PHEW!

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