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Quilted tote

Every year for Christmas my cousins draw names for gifts, and we’re not supposed to spend more than $20.. Well this was more than $20 of effort, but less than $20 in materials. Works for me.

I contacted the cousin whose name I got and asked if I could make her a bag, and what her favorite color was. She said yellow. I’m not super great at color picking when it comes to nonrepresentational use, and I’ve always had a hard time with yellow. I have a few yellow dyes but they don’t really go together very well? So I decided to do a greyscale to make the one shade of yellow really pop. (“Make it pop,” oh the color cliches!)

This bag is based on the Linus bag I made for myself in the fall, but it’s bigger and sturdier thanks to the addition of some canvas in between the layers.

gift tote - finished and washed

gift tote - interior

All of the fabrics are dyed by me, except the pink piping and the black bias tape around the top.

After doing this whole thing I realized I should have made really long yellow handles and just sewed them on top of the sides, rather than piecing the yellow vertical stripe and trying to match the handle ends. Duh. I made a few small mistakes, but 85% of a good job is good enough.

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