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Linus in Space tote bag

This summer, I finally got around to uploading Linus-themed designs to Spoonflower. I ordered a couple of fat quarters instead of the regular 8×8″ swatches. I wanted a new giant tote bag with a lot of pockets for myself, but I couldn’t find any patterns or tutorials online that had everything I wanted, so I just improvised off some rectangle shapes and things I had learned from making bags in the past. I used this zippered pocket tutorial for sewing the inside zipper pocket. There are things I would change a bit if I did it over again, but it’s pretty sturdy and I like it a lot!

Linus quilted tote bag, side one

Linus quilted tote bag, side two

The sides have panels of the Linus fabric in the middle, pieced bits of hand-dyed chartreuse and grey fabric around them.

Linus quilted tote bag, interior
The inside has five different-sized slip pockets (sunglasses, phone, pens, wad of Starbucks napkins), a zip pocket, and a key fob. The fabric is Star Jacks from Michael Miller Fabrics.

Linus quilted tote bag, end oneLinus quilted tote bag, end two
The ends and bottom feature some kind of bad FMQ of stars and spaceships and rockets. Wheeeeeeee

I couldn't convince him to get into the bag.
Linus himself was unimpressed and wouldn’t get inside the bag when I tried to tempt him. Thbbbppppp he says.

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