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Linus quilt

Finished Linus quilt

I want to make one for Hugo now, but I can’t think of what he should be framed with. Maybe jewels and treasure.

I’m very interested in making quilts with irregular edges. This is only the second one, so maybe after I’ve made say fifty more odd-frame portraits I’ll be able to do it cleanly..

By maggie

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What a great piece! I love the expression on the cat’s face. And now I feel like I need to find out why there are hams floating around, and a turkey and a bee, so you’ve drawn me into your blog.

Maggie, the portait quilt and the patch are brilliant! What rank does the patch indicate, or is it only proof of ownership? (of you, by the cats!) Are the ham ornaments on your etsy shop? Did you ever follow April Winchell’s website “Regrtesy”? Aren’t I just the little question box?
Keep up the good work,
Linda form the QuiltArt list

I don’t know about the rank.. I thought about it a little when I was looking up possible designs for the patch, but I never came up with a solution! The cats definitely own us.

The hams may eventually be on Etsy, but for now I’m trying to stock up for an craft/flea market where I have a table in a couple weeks.

I am familiar with Regretsy! I was actually on it once, but it was a photo I submitted of me in my Halloween costume, haha

Thank you!

Linus is a baffling goofball of a cat, and my husband and I decided he had a bee driving him instead of a brain. Besides that, I just think hams are funny, and I belong to the Jim Davis school of drawing roast turkeys. (I had a book of collected Garfield strips when I was a kid, and I always associate drawings of cats with turkeys because of it.)

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