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A second bag.

I made the second version of the pleatness bag. It features corduroy with the metric system print and two different cottons I dyed in green and orange.

The fabrics here are much stronger than the ones I used in the other bag. I also added interfacing to the liner pieces for even more strength. It has been keeping its shape well. The original tutorial gives no seam allowances and skips over some other measurements that would have been helpful, so I just kind of went with what I had. It also never mentions any kind of trimming or anything.. I dunno. This time at least the top fit together.. it’s STILL not entirely correct, but it’s leagues ahead of the other one, since that one ended up not even closing! Oh, and I did a WAY better job of pleating this time.

I really wanted to make the liner out of all the same green cotton, but I just didn’t have a big enough piece. I’d picked up the orange to do the pockets, but it ended up also being the bottom and the short sides. I like my pen holder! Dozens of pens and markers are always floating around my bags.. It was great when I was carrying a backpack, but now it just makes me look crazy. Haha.

There are still some things I need to fix, but overall I am pretty happy with this bag and have used it most of this week.

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oohhh i really like this bag! I need to sew a bunch this weekend. I bought that eco-tote pattern off of sew mama sew and I bought a few fabrics too. I am making one for myself and one for Tara! Yay MAKING!

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