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Cube rooms

Last week I got all productive in the middle of the night, on Sunday night/Monday morning when I had to go to work, and then I couldn’t sleep until 5am.. But that’s another story. I worked on a number of things.

One thing I did start to finish was make a prototype fabric room. It’s a prototype because I was just kind of winging it and didn’t measure well to make the parts match, and did all the edges with overlocking. (OK I never got to do this before with my old machine, and find it fun. Some people might consider this cheating, and that’s fine.. haha.)

The floor and ceiling are yellow muslin I dyed an eternity ago (the only other time I can remember using it was as a pat of butter on my toast halloween costume in 2005), the walls are two prints I picked up during The Great “Oh My God We’re Graduating” Studio Cleanout and Exchange of 2007. The outside is some cotton I dyed a few months ago with random amounts of like nine different blues.

Some things to consider, should further production occur:
1. Creating groups of these units
2. How to fill them? Will the scale need to change to make filling them a little easier? Felted furniture, animals, people?
3. Embellishment of the outside: using decorative stitching for like.. adding flowers along the ground, maybe making a shingled roof section

So far the only thing that’s been inside it is Dosa (our Russian dwarf hamster). It was adorrrrrable.

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