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50/52: Improving a purse (#16)

Several years ago I made the pleatness bag from a tutorial on Craftster. I made two, actually. I was enamored with the prints I was using and failed to pay attention to how the fabrics would hold up, and didn’t pick my thread carefully.. The first one made it for a little while, but was very floppy and kind of unusable. I did a much better job on the second one, but didn’t realize that I used serger thread instead of regular thread to put it together. Stitches were skipped. Seams were coming loose. It was fine for a while but I eventually gave it up and used other bags. It’s been sitting in my closet for two and a half years.

I finally fixed the most egregious things: The seams across the top needed to be reinforced, and the bottom needed a stiff insert so it wouldn’t fold up so much. DONE!

I’m happy I’ll be able to use it again, because I love that metric system fabric!

By maggie

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