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My favorite thing about Linus’ website is when someone new signs up as a follower, and then proceeds to go through the whole post archive and hit the like button on every single picture.

Tumblr recently did a couple of things:
1. They shifted the stats to the dashboard (instead of having to click on the “Tumblarity”). This is a little strange because now the follower count is RIGHT THERE. I kind of hate looking at it, because I get a tiny pang of sadness if I lose one – even if I have no idea who it is and I wasn’t following them anyway.

2. Messages. This is kind of awesome, because I’d set up a Linus email account on but couldn’t get it to work with Mail – I assume this is because I already download one account to there, and it didn’t like it when I tried to do two (did not care to investigate). But really I got about four messages in it ever, so it didn’t matter. (Luckily 1and1 just revamped their webmail from THE SUCKIEST EVER to THE SECOND SUCKIEST EVER so it’s been easier to manage.) BUT, then the Messages happened. Now I get requests and questions right there! It has been excellent. And a couple messages have just been about how people love Linus, which makes me feel WAY better about all the time I’ve spent on it. phew.

3. They just opened a Directory of popular stuff, and included Linus in the cute section. So now part of my concern of #1 has been a little bit decimated – the number has gone up a rather large jump in just a couple of days. UNSETTLING!

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