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Lamb skulls, updated

I didn’t think I was going to go in this direction with the lamb skulls, but I ended up squishing them onto a quilt.

The background fabric is green stuff from my last post. Binding didn’t seem appropriate to finish the edges (and I am lazy), so I used two layers of overcast stitching instead. Finished size is 15×19.5″. Cotton duck and muslin, cotton/poly thread, fabric marker, and graphite, poly batting.
There are a number of errors, certainly (I wasn’t really going for perfect!) – but I still like it. I am sending it to someone (I think), and I hope he likes it too.

I was a bit too excited about finishing it to wait for it to dry completely after steaming it. You’ll notice some dampness in the pictures 🙂

I kind of love making giant-applique-image-in-the-center-of-a-quilt things.

By maggie

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I love this! Monsters lurking inspire me all the time. Don’t know how I’ve missed your blog to this point in time so thanks for posting to the QA list.

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