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Linus on his throne

Linus is getting his fur on it BEFORE it becomes clothes. It just saves us all some time.

sketchbook studio


About a year ago, I posted about keeping all my old sketchbooks. My collection starts in 1995, the summer I turned thirteen, and flipping through them in order is a weird sort of autobiography. It starts with wonky one-thing-per-page drawings (cartoons, portraits from Rolling Stone covers, still life), and slowly shifts to how I do things now – lots of writing and figuring out how to make my mental images into real objects.

The shelf!


Another reorganization..

First, the sad news: my chubby little guy Olaf died about a month ago, on the day after my birthday. It was a huge bumout. In his old age, he got a little crazy and made a huge mess of our shared space. Plus, Alfie was Captain Climb and Destroy, so I had a bit of a challenge with my stuff between the two of them.

On 8/1 I moved almost all my furniture out. On 8/3 we rented a steam cleaner and I cleaned the hell out of the carpet. I had to use the upholstery attachment to really get it clean, because the draggy-box wasn’t really doing a great job. The attachment even took out some of the old stains that were on the carpet when we moved in!

Then on Monday and Tuesday nights, I managed to move all the furniture back in a new, more spacious configuration. Some of my cheapo Target pieces are stackable, so I took advantage of that. Alfie can’t climb very much now, and I moved all my sketchbooks up in the bookcase so she can’t reach to rip out their spirals (SERIOUSLY!!). The only thing she’s managed? Pulling all the SAQA Journal out of my magazine holders. I put them back. She takes them out.

PICTURES! Yeah, still a cluttered mess, but I can see surfaces now and I’m not afraid to drop things on the floor!

I got a new desk chair, too. It is TALL.