squishythings in which maggie post pictures of things she made (mostly)


drawlloween days 21 and 22

Day 21 was supposed to be "8 bit zombie," and like, no? We already did zombie. We do not need to make a sprite out of everything. Instead, I went with the dancing pumpkin guy of KXVO. He is legend.

drawlloween day 21: not an 8 bit zombie

For day 22's candy, a cross-section view of a Snickers bar.

drawlloween day 22: candy


drawlloween days 19 and 20

I didn't pay a lot of attention to the invention of Drawlloween, but I think it's kind of funny how some of the prompts are generic and some are really specific.

For instance, day 19's "Creature from the Black Lagoon" is very specific! It's a classic Universal Monster, it has a look, it has been absorbed into the collective unconscious of the United States since its introduction. How do you deal with it? (You make a joke.)

drawlloween day 19: creature from the black lagoon

Contrast that with day 20's "skull." That prompt doesn't even have a modifier: human, animal, wine chalice made from, real, imaginary, etc etc. So you can go anywhere.

drawlloween day 20: skull

I went to the Morbid Anatomy Museum; this is a skull from the collection in the library. It wasn't labeled and I don't know what it is. I thought it might be a primate but I guess it could be a cat? I don't know a lot about skull identification and am further stymied by its busted lack of teeth.


drawlloween days 17 and 18

drawlloween day 17: demon
From the "hey wait that's not right" files: day 17 was 'demon' and I bent the theme a bit and made one of the Icelandic Yule Lads. Not a demon. Maybe a bit of a troll. Impish even? This is Doorway-Sniffer, who wanders around snuffling at doors to find houses with freshly-baked bread to steal. (The bread might actually be cookies. Whoops.)

drawlloween day 18: mask
Mask: a mask from my mom's collection of Halloween decorations. It comes from a vintage costume that would probably be better if it was just.. a kid with a crown and a masquerade mask, rather than a whole face mask of some blonde lady? I don't know. This mask is weird.


drawlloween days 15 and 16

A real thing and an imaginary thing.

drawlloween day 15: amulet
This bracelet looks like it has powers, no? It's a real bracelet I have, love, and absolutely cannot remember where it came from.

drawlloween day 16: grave
My family's dearly departed cats.


drawlloween days 13 and 14

Now we're back to color. And a joke. And a cute thing. Hey.

drawlloween day 13: Frankenstein
Day 13 was Frankenstein. I made Frankenreynolds. Just throw me in the traysh.

drawlloween day 14: bat
A cute but serious little bat.


drawlloween days 11 and 12

Days 11 and 12 are all thread, no paint. Halloweeny.

drawlloween day 11: raven
Raven (text is from "The Witch of the Westmorland" by Stan Rogers)

drawlloween day 12: moon
Moon. Obviously.


drawlloween days 9 and 10

oh you knew the cats would make an appearance eventually, right?? Here they are!

drawlloween day 9: eyeball
day 9 - eyeball: Hugo's giant orange eyeballs, v Halloween

drawlloween day 10: alien
day 10 - alien: Linus is clearly not of this Earth


drawlloween days 7 and 8


drawlloween day 7: haunted house
day 7 - haunted house: "Is this house haunted?" "YES BY THE MEMORIES OF ITS YOUTHFUL INDISCRETIONS"

drawlloween day 8: zombie
day 8 - zombie: stayin' up too late playin' Two Dots again huh


drawlloween days 5 and 6

jokes, these are the jokes and the pop culture references

drawlloween day 5: werewolf
day 5 - werewolf: I made WOLFMANBUN and I only feel a little bit bad about it

drawlloween day 6: pumpkin
day 6 - pumpkin: "Sincerity as far as the eye can see!" says Linus* in the pumpkin patch.

*Linus van Pelt. Not my cat.


drawlloween day 3 and 4

continuing in my "replacing creepy imaginary things with real animals" theme..

drawlloween day 3: goblin
day 3 - goblin: a goblin shark

drawlloween day 4: vampire
day 4 - vampire: a vampire squid (coincidentally, Alice wants to be a vampire squid for Halloween and I'm sort of working on that)