baby clothes i made it

Ice Cream top

Oliver + S Ice Cream top

Oliver + S Ice Cream top: ACTION

I made a dress variation of the Oliver + S Ice Cream pattern earlier in the year for Alice. Then I made this version out of fabrics from the Asbury line from Andover before a boardwalk trip in the summer.

baby cats christmas i made it toys

Christmas gifts 2013: Linus stuffie

Linus stuffie

Linus and Linus

I realized I had already made gifts for five other kids, but not even thought about my own kid. I have a really simple go-to cat stuffie that I like to make, so I just added an enormous Linus face to it.. I think this thing is pretty hilarious. (Linus does not.)

baby i made it

Reversible bucket hat from Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book

Alice has an off-the-charts huge head (sort of) and the two summer hats we had didn’t fit her. I put it on the shopping list, and then was like, “wait, I can make that!” Sure enough, there was a pattern in the Oliver + S book I already owned.

The hat is reversible, so I used an insect fabric on one side and a hand-dyed pink fabric on the other.

bucket hat - bug side

bucket hat - pink side

Of course, Alice is now old enough to have opinions. She hates the hat and throws it if we try to put it on her.

baby christmas i made it toys

A simple blue kitty

I made this kitty as a Christmas gift for my cousin’s baby.

Blue kitty

baby christmas i made it toys

Alice’s butterfly

Since Alice was only going to be 5 months old at Christmas, and we have excited relatives, we decided not to really get her too many presents. My husband bought her a shirt, and I decided to sew a toy for her. She *loves* a little butterfly guy that’s on her bouncer, so I thought I should make her a bigger, huggable version.


baby i made it

Baby dress

Since the baby was born in July, I haven’t had much time to make things. Initially it was ALL BABY ALL THE TIME. Then after a while I was able to squeeze in some hours of dyeing and sewing, and I was able to list lots of scarves on etsy (and even sold a few!).

The first thing I finished making was a little dress for Alice. It’s the Tweetie Pie dress from a book called Cute Clothes for Kids by Rob Merrett. I made mine with a snail print and a contrasting lime green.

ruffled snail dress