50/52 rambles

2011’s 50/52:It took forever to post

SO ANYWAY, I got pregnant at the end of the year, and suddenly all of the time I normally spent on making things was spent feeling terrible or being asleep. So I only managed a couple of things at the very end to push myself up to 40. I think I would have managed 50 if I hadn’t been so tired. The sleepiness stuck around through most of January, so even posting about those last few things took too long.

I have a number of things I’d like to do this year, but I can’t predict how it will go quite yet.

50/52 christmas i made it

50/52: Crayons (#40)

I wanted to get my cousin’s kids that Crayola crayon maker for Christmas. You put crayon bits in it and it melts them into new swirly crayons. When I was younger, Crayola used to make all kinds of totally awesome crayons – metallics, glitter, swirly ones – but they don’t really do that anymore.

Then I read some reviews of the crayon maker, and it seemed like it was a hassle to use. So I decided I’d just make my own. I bought a box of 64 and a bunch of Wilton candy molds. I broke the crayons up and melted them in silicone baking cups and poured the melted wax into the molds. They came out pretty neat!


50/52 sketchbook

50/52: Second finished sketchbook (#39)

I wasn’t as happy with the content of this book; I posted a lot of scans to Flickr but I’m not sure I posted many here. Anyway, I filled it up before the end of 2011.

50/52 i made it

50/52: Halloween costume (#38)


I was Skeletor for Halloween, and nobody saw except Bill and the internet.

The blue pants and shirt are pajamas. I made fake purple boots with legwarmers.
The purple harness/hood thing was a white hoodie. I dyed it purple, then cut off the arms and bottom to make the harness-looking part. The excess fabric became the belt with the hangy bits and the crossed-bones badge in the center of the harness.
It’s hard to see, but my face is covered in yellow eyeshadow with black eyeliner lines.

I made a ram skull to attach to the top of a plastic kids’ wizard staff:

..this was awesome and my photo was posted on Regretsy.

50/52 dye

50/52: 14 scarves one October day (#37)

highlight reel:

silk scarf - nested circles in white/purple/black

silk scarf - white stars on black

silk scarf - tie dye taupe on turquoise

50/52 i made it machine embroidery

50/52: House centipede (#36)


house centipede

50/52 i made it

50/52: Linus Shrinky Dinks (#33)

I was looking around for something in the craft store when I ran across Shrinky Dinks. I know a lot of people on etsy sell shrink plastic items, especially since a lot of the plastic is inkjet printable. BUT I really like hand drawing everything, so, there you are.

more shrinky dinks

Everyone really likes the shiny white plastic, but I find it very hard to work with because most markers have tips that are too thick to get the kind of detail I want. I prefer the textured translucent plastic that works well with colored pencils. (I have way more than pictured. Still trying to decide what to do with them exactly.)

50/52 sketchbook

50/52: Finished sketchbook (#32)

I posted a whole lot of scans from my sketchbook already.. But I finally finished out the first volume of the year! I think that filling out every page deserves a spot in the 50 crafts roundup. It was a really nice handmade sketchbook, too!

I’m already about 3/4 of the way through my second book of the year.

50/52 dye i made it

50/52: The non-Linus painted scarves (#31)

I used print paste on a bunch of scarves aside from the Linus ones.

There were a few blobby messes like this:
rainbow drips - silk (2)

And a few that had drawings of different stuff:
hams - rayon

alligator - rayon

squid - rayon

It’s a lot of fun to use this stuff, and it works VERY well on the rayon. If the rayon scarves go over well when they’re painted like this, maybe I will end up getting some more to draw on..

50/52 i made it

50/52: The quilt blocks (#30)

This is kind of a cheater post, because I don’t really have any pictures.

My grammom is making a quilt for one of my cousins, who really likes a certain college football team. My mom helped Grammom out by trying to find fabrics that were printed with the logo and stuff.. They had a really hard time with it. My mom searched the internet and found someone selling quilt block kits that were themed with the college. She bought four.

But! They were applique kits, where you fuse all the pieces down and satin stitch around the edges. Grammom uses a 50s Singer that doesn’t do a zigzag stitch. I have the monstrous Janome, and can do one million stitches, so I volunteered to do them for her.

I should have done them more quickly, but I found working with the kits INCREDIBLY BORING and let my ego get in the way, and procrastinated, and made it take several months. But they’re all done now, and safely shipped off to her so she can finish the quilt. I didn’t take pictures because I wasn’t super into the work I did. BUT STILL: a project finished.