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Rabbit embroideries

These went in a slightly different direction: embroidered as usual on the machine, but then I painted them with acrylic ink (rather than gouache), hand-beaded them, and mounted them on canvas (instead of frames). Hmm!

Rabbits #1 and #2

Each is 5×7″ mounted on 8×10″ canvas.

clothes hand embroidery in progress

Beading progress: March 2-15

Beading progress, March 2-15

Went back to the right side of the dress to start filling in the hinge. Now I’ve run out of Gilmore Girls and have to pick something else on Netflix. (I don’t really need suggestions, I just need to get better at making decisions.)

clothes hand embroidery i made it in progress

Shark jaw beading progress: February 16 to March 1

Beading progress week ending Mar 1

Finished two big sections and two itty-bitty sections in that time. You can see some comparison with what was finished Feb 2-15.

hand embroidery i made it stencil

Shark jaw vest

I spent a lot of time cutting this shark jaw stencil and I can’t stop sticking it on things. I bought a moto-style hooded vest from the clearance rack at Target – a piece of clothing that I’m probably too old and uncool for – and hand appliquéd the image on the back. The ivory fabric is some cotton/poly interlock blend I got from the remnant bin at Jo-Ann. The paint is probably Tulip or something.

Shark jaw appliqué

clothes dye hand embroidery i made it silk painting

Rose stencil tunic and scarf

In August 2013, I took a teeny piece of my late grandfather’s favorite shirt and redrew part of the print to make a stencil.

First I started on a garment.. The pattern is a tunic-length Camisole Dress from Alabama Studio Style by Natalie Chanin. In the fall I dyed cotton jersey red and grey and cut out the pattern. I used black and red Tulip spray fabric paint to stencil the panels. The embellishment stitching, with pewter DMC floss, began in January of 2014. The whole thing was completed on May 28th 2014.

camisole tunic

camisole tunic detail

camisole tunic detail

Some notes on that: one, you’re supposed to use the strong button thread for reverse applique. Whoops, too bad. And I’m pretty sure I cut much too closely to the stitches. Whoops, too bad again. If it starts to come apart, I’ll fix it. Not worried.

I also used the stencil to make a scarf:
flower scarf

It was initially a test of how well the Tsukineko inks worked when they were diluted and sprayed. I didn’t love the initial result, so I stretched the scarf out and painted over it by hand.

christmas hand embroidery

Christmas gifts 2013: Ahsoka Tano reading pillow

Ahsoka Tano reading pillow

Ahsoka Tano reading pillow - back

Ahsoka Tano reading pillow - applique

My cousin’s oldest kid is a big reader and loves Star Wars. I asked what her favorite character was, and it’s Ahsoka Tano from the Clone Wars. When it comes to gifts, I’m a lot less scrupulous than in my normal stuff-making, so I just looked at pictures of her on the internet and redrew one to use as an appliqué template.

I followed the On the Go Reading Pillow tutorial from Polka Dot Chair via the Sew Mama Sew. The black is a hand-dye from my stash and the Clone Wars fabric is from the licensed character shelf at Jo-Ann. (This is where I learned I don’t own a piping foot and ended up getting one for Christmas!)

clothes hand embroidery i made it

Long-sleeved bolero

A long-sleeved bolero seemed like a good idea for wearing to yoga this time of year. I cut a new stencil out of some thick-but-not-stiff acrylic felt I’ve had for years. Dyed some jersey. Cut pieces, stenciled with spray fabric paint, stitched and cut the reverse applique, sewed the seams, bound the edges. Pattern from Alabama Studio Sewing + Design.

stenciled reverse applique bolero - back

stenciled reverse applique bolero - sleeve

stenciled reverse applique bolero - front

stenciled reverse applique bolero - binding

cats hand embroidery i made it

Cat patch

I bought a faux-military jacket. It had a generic faux-military patch on the arm. I popped it off and replaced it with a hand embroidered patch featuring my cats.

Linus and Hugo patch

Linus and Hugo patch

Much better.

clothes hand embroidery i made it stencil

Short fitted dress from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design

I don’t have much in the way of cotton jersey around, except for the bag of scraps I bought and some tshirts I haven’t cut up yet. I scoured Jo-Ann, and the only 100% cotton knit in the whole store is from the Doodles line aimed at young girls. The prints are small and busy and mostly hideous. I found this weird Pepto-bismol pink button flower print in the clearance bin, and bought all that remained with my magic 40% off coupon. I cut it into a couple chunks and dyed it to try to make it slightly less.. whatever it was. One piece went in raspberry, one in pewter. I’m not sure I was successful in toning it down, but I’m working with it anyway. (Since then I realized the fabric is a double knit and so the wrong side could easily be used as the right side, keeping the print mostly hidden. Gah!)

This time we’ll use the scallop stencil. Paint dabbed on with sponge brushes, and not covering the whole interior of the scallop.
Dress piece with scallop stencil

The top part of the dress is two layers, but not the bottom, because there wasn’t enough of the pink to make it that long. I stitched around the scallops with embroidery floss in a range of purple shades, #95-102 from Anchor.

Beginning embroidery at the top
Beginning stitching on dress panels

The wrong sides, about halfway done
stitching for reverse applique

Embroidery stitching completed, interior sections of scallops cut away at the top
Interior sections of scallops cut away for reverse applique

All done!
finished dress

Detail of binding stitch

clothes hand embroidery i made it stencil

Bucket hat from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design

What do do with those stencils? Let’s try the first thing out on the bucket hat from Alabama Studio Sewing and Design!

I used the shark jaw stencil, glittery paint, and a variegated cotton floss.

Bucket hat brim with stencil and some stitching

Originally I had planned to trim away most of the lighter fabric around the stenciled and stitched sections. Then I realized my only good fabric scissors are 8″ shears and a tiny pair of thread snippers, so I didn’t do that. (I have since purchased a good 5″ pair for reverse applique trimming.)

Before construction:
trimmed, ready to construct

All done:
congratulations, you have a weird hat