clothes hand embroidery in progress

Beading progress: March 2-15

Beading progress, March 2-15

Went back to the right side of the dress to start filling in the hinge. Now I’ve run out of Gilmore Girls and have to pick something else on Netflix. (I don’t really need suggestions, I just need to get better at making decisions.)

clothes hand embroidery i made it in progress

Shark jaw beading progress: February 16 to March 1

Beading progress week ending Mar 1

Finished two big sections and two itty-bitty sections in that time. You can see some comparison with what was finished Feb 2-15.

in progress

Shark jaw beading progress..

I’m trying to finish one section of beads each week (ending on Sundays).

By February 8:
Beading progress: February 8

Beading progress: February 8

February 15:
shark jaw beading progress feb 15

clothes in progress

Mine is a very sophisticated operation

I am a person who went to art school and had to do 2-D design and owns at least two circle inking templates and various drawing and stenciling tools. But all those circles I’ve been appliqueing onto that little bolero vest thing, you know how I’ve been cutting them?

high tech tools

A roll of electrical tape and a Clover marking pencil, cut one at a time by hand. Cool. I remember auditioning circle sizes way back when I started this, and it was between the electrical tape and a tiny 1.3 oz glass jar candle from Bath & Body Works.

in progress

extra scrappy scraps

A side effect of scrappy mindless stitch-and-trim work is all the trimmings from the cutting table.. What to do with those? Maybe I’ll spend a few hours every three months sewing those little bits onto a huge piece of water soluble plastic. Maybe in five years I’ll have a scarf that’s like a sedimentary record of things I’ve worked on.

someday, a scarf

i made it in progress quilts

Halloweeny stripes UFO

I had a pile of small pieces of hand dyed fabrics, and I cut them into strips:
halloweeny stripes

Which I arranged and sewed like so:
halloweeny stripes

And then I hacked them all up and sewed them back together to get this:
halloweeny stripes

Another thing for the UFO pile, for now, I guess. Maybe it’ll end up being another tote bag, who knows? I’m bad at nonrepresentational quilting.

clothes in progress sketchbook

Wardrobe planning

This year I’m making a quasi-effort at planning my wardrobe sewing in advance. I looked at what I already have in my closet and drawers, and I think I need more color. I love bright colors! Why am I not using bright colors?!

page 19-20

I have all three of the Alabama Chanin books at hand, which have a bunch of patterns that can be modified into even more garments, PLUS I signed up for Natalie’s Craftsy class because daaannng yes I want a coat and instructions on how to modify patterns for wovens. She has a new book coming out soon, too, and I will certainly get it.

For fabrics, I have three cuts of commercial knit yardage in my stash. I ordered twelve yards of jersey to dye for myself. Plus uncountable scraps and old clothes to cut up.

First fabrics for this year's clothes

So far I’ve barely considered the patterns I have for wovens, but I do have plans on that front as well.

This is sort of working? I’m not allowed to start cutting any new projects until I finish one of my UFOS, I’m only allowed to consider them on paper, so I’ve worked out quite a bit.

cats in progress quilts

Out of the scrap bin

Back in October I needed to do some mindless sewing to reset my brain. I dumped all my hand dyed scraps out of the bin onto the table and sorted them by size. Then I sewed and pressed and trimmed, all very rectangular (because all the pieces were already rectangular), not very inventive at all.

scrap block

Not much, not that interesting, but I did sort and press a whole lot of the scraps, so they’re ready to use for something else.

Oh, and of course I had help:

clothes in progress stencil

Speaking of doing it backwards..

The shark jaw stencil strikes again. You’re supposed to stencil your pattern pieces and do all the embellishment before you construct the garment, but in this case I really wanted the image to stay as whole as possible. I sewed five of the six panels together and pinned them flat to a board for stenciling.

Stick the shark jaw on everything.

And then, in what may be a terrible decision from the “needing access to the back” angle, I finished sewing the whole thing together. I basted a layer of scraps underneath the stencil to help support the weight of the beads that are going on it. Then I thought I should bind the neck and armholes so I didn’t overwhelm those basting stitches and make them wonky.

Prepare for beads.

I expect to have weeks (months) (years) of beading ahead of me so we’ll see how it goes.

clothes in progress

UFO: fluttery bolero

I have a handful of half-finished garments hanging around, and I decided I should probably get some work done on them before I start anything new.

I do a lot of things on the “what happens when I do this?” premise. This bolero was started months ago – what happens if I partially sew down rows of circles on top of a partly-constructed garment? Do they look like scallops? Do they flutter a little? Will they move with the body? etc etc.

I sewed like three rows on when I started it, and then set it aside to work on more wearable things, and more scarves for my fall shows. I’ve made some progress!

weird applique progress

Now imagine what this would have been like had I properly lined everything up and measured.. ha ha ha. JUST GET IT DONE, ME.