baby cats christmas i made it toys

Christmas gifts 2013: Linus stuffie

Linus stuffie

Linus and Linus

I realized I had already made gifts for five other kids, but not even thought about my own kid. I have a really simple go-to cat stuffie that I like to make, so I just added an enormous Linus face to it.. I think this thing is pretty hilarious. (Linus does not.)

baby christmas i made it toys

A simple blue kitty

I made this kitty as a Christmas gift for my cousin’s baby.

Blue kitty

baby christmas i made it toys

Alice’s butterfly

Since Alice was only going to be 5 months old at Christmas, and we have excited relatives, we decided not to really get her too many presents. My husband bought her a shirt, and I decided to sew a toy for her. She *loves* a little butterfly guy that’s on her bouncer, so I thought I should make her a bigger, huggable version.


cats hand embroidery i made it toys

Stuffed cats.

My cats, travel size. From November.

cats felt hand embroidery i made it toys

Schmancy Olympic Challenge: I am done!

Kristen – the challenge commissioner! – pointed out that the whole idea behind this challenge was to have fun. Lately – at least since I’ve been out of school – giggling is my primary goal when I’m making something (this could be good, it could be bad, whatever). So here is the TEAM LINUS bobsleigh.

Heading down a mountain! Even though bobsleds run in tracks!

This is wool and wool blend felt, a little peltex in the runners and the bottom of the sled, a bit of polyester stuffing, and lots and lots of thread! I stitched everything by hand, and mostly tried to match thread colors and stuff, but not very hard. Almost everything was improvised – I sketched to start with, but I didn’t make any paper patterns. I did make a sample hamster out of acrylic felt, but it wasn’t really a pattern. Just more of a.. go at it with scissors method. I just wanted to make sure it would work first, before I cut into my more expensive and much nicer wool felt 🙂

The improvisational nature of the whole thing means that there are stitches EVERYWHERE. In my life I’ve always made little slapdash mockups before doing big projects, but I secretly love the little mockup way more than the large, polished project. While making this, I treated it like it was a mockup for a larger, nicer piece, but didn’t really intend to make that larger nicer piece. I wanted to keep it in the LA DI DAAHhhhahahah world.

I think, anyway, that the embroidery is kind of nice. It’s so tiny!

Hamsters without helmets:

I would have constructed the hamsters differently if I had done it over again. In this version, I sewed their bodies together in white felt before I even thought about how to make their markings. That was a mistake! I had to choose between some kind of stitchwork, or cutting patches of the color and trying to make them fit over the body. If I had sewed the markings and their faces on before construction, I think they might look a little bit nicer.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with this, because it was fun! And little felt animals have been my true love since I was twelve years old!

cats i made it toys

simplified stuffed kitties

I made some triangle cats for Christmas presents last year. They have sticky-outy paws and tails and stuff – all kinds of extra parts! I like to throw together simple flat stuffies for gifts – they are cuddly couchbuddies. This one got a new home in June, with my friend’s grandmother. The kitty is meant to look somewhat like a cat she used to own.

The bow is a removable pin!

cats i made it machine embroidery toys

It’s hard to tell he’s a goofball

A machine embroidered canvas stuffie of Linus, star of Linus in Hats