i made it sketchbook

30 day drawing challenge, part 3

pages 33-34
21. guilty pleasure (mom guilt about liking the free time I get from 12 hours of preschool a week)
22. favorite cartoon character

pages 35-36
23. actor (Jon Lovitz with NO REFERENCE because I.. couldn’t think of anything)
25. best friend (when your best friend is like “It was aliens!” for like the fifty billionth time)

pages 37-38
24. collage (ft Tilda Swinton, runway models, wasp nest paper)
26. instrument (Man or Astro-Man’s theremin)

pages 39-40
27. sentimental value (childhood blankie)
28. zodiac sign

pages 41-41
29. meaning of your name
30. favorite outfit

i made it sketchbook

30 day drawing challenge, part 2

pages 23-24
11. Supervillain – Hugo as ENTITLEMENT MAN!
12. Elderly person

pages 25-26
13. a baby
14. pet portrait

pages 27-28
15. dinosaur
16. drawing without looking

pages 29-30
17. delicious food
18. zombie

pages 31-32
19. sea creature
20. dream job

i made it sketchbook

30 day drawing challenge, part 1

An friend of mine put out a call on Facebook to join a group 30-day drawing challenge. I love those things! Sometimes I even finish them! The last one I did was the SpoonChallenge, but I chose to embroider and paint my pieces instead of traditional drawing. For this challenge I did them on paper. Some are pretty involved – I tried to fill in the whole page instead of just drawing a single centered subject – but some are quick cheater sketches. I love a few of them though. Here are the first ten, across five spreads.

pages 13-14
self portrait / imaginary friend

pages 15-16
recent dream / redesign book cover

pages 17-18
childhood memory / what’s in your bag

pages 19-20
hybrid animal / scene from a movie

pages 21-22
conjoined twins / superhero

You can view everyone’s contributions over at PJ, Puffin and Friends.


Sketching scarves

I usually draw and plan in my sketchbook before I paint or embroider or applique, just to make sure I can do it, or maybe there’s some kind of muscle memory if I draw it small and then make it bigger? I don’t know. There are a lot of people out there who don’t use sketchbooks, but I’m not one of them. Sketches and samples and little mockups are some of my favorite things.

That all sounds very pretentious to say when the page I’m sharing is this:

page 33

shows sketchbook

doop doop

Reminder: I’ll be vending at the WTHS PTO Craft Fair tomorrow, March 7, 9am-3pm. It’s in the 9-10 wing of the high school in Sewell, NJ.

Have a weird sketchbook page.

page 17

clothes in progress sketchbook

Wardrobe planning

This year I’m making a quasi-effort at planning my wardrobe sewing in advance. I looked at what I already have in my closet and drawers, and I think I need more color. I love bright colors! Why am I not using bright colors?!

page 19-20

I have all three of the Alabama Chanin books at hand, which have a bunch of patterns that can be modified into even more garments, PLUS I signed up for Natalie’s Craftsy class because daaannng yes I want a coat and instructions on how to modify patterns for wovens. She has a new book coming out soon, too, and I will certainly get it.

For fabrics, I have three cuts of commercial knit yardage in my stash. I ordered twelve yards of jersey to dye for myself. Plus uncountable scraps and old clothes to cut up.

First fabrics for this year's clothes

So far I’ve barely considered the patterns I have for wovens, but I do have plans on that front as well.

This is sort of working? I’m not allowed to start cutting any new projects until I finish one of my UFOS, I’m only allowed to consider them on paper, so I’ve worked out quite a bit.


Feral hams

Pages 10-11

pages 10-11 of sketchbook

We were driving on 95 through Philly and I saw a billboard for a performance by an oboist named Woodhams, and I kind of obsessed over the way those two things could be combined. Drew this later.


Odd vulture

Page 5

page 5 of sketchbook

dye in progress quilts sketchbook

Starting a new piece.

I obviously have not made many things since the baby was born, but I’m getting some of my studio time back. Here’s the very beginning of a new piece.

It started as a sketch in my book:
Page 3

The night I scanned the drawing, I sort of impulsively decided to make it into a quilt or embroidery. I didn’t have a plan yet, so I just made a template from a printout, cut pieces out of some hand dyed fabrics, and fused them together.
beginning of quilt

Then I stopped to work out some more details. I *love* sketchbook thinking and I really missed it. For me, making a whole piece is like solving a strange kind of problem.

page 15

So now I have a clearer idea of what I want the piece to be and what I have to do to get there. It could still all change in the future, but now I have direction!

50/52 sketchbook

50/52: Second finished sketchbook (#39)

I wasn’t as happy with the content of this book; I posted a lot of scans to Flickr but I’m not sure I posted many here. Anyway, I filled it up before the end of 2011.