squishythings in which maggie post pictures of things she made (mostly)


A beastly thing..

My friend Aaron asked me to make something for his girlfriend's birthday. He asked her to pick an animal off the Annelids CD list, but she couldn't decide and picked five.

Sooo what happened? Oh, this.

15x15", direct application of fiber reactive dye on canvas, lots and lots of freemotion embroidery!

the original idea sketch.. and how it looked after I painted on the dye.

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Some sketchbook pages.

A local bookstore was selling a 12x12 sketchbook filled with awesome paper (possibly meant for scrapbooking?) for FIVE DOLLARS. It's the hugest I've ever had, and I keep compartmentalizing the pages to make smaller areas - I put boxes around everything and fill in extra space with repetitive drawing, and then go back later to color it in with watercolors, colored pencil, ink, etc. Here are a few pages.

(The grids on each page are the rubrics I use to keep track of how many answers I get right on Jeopardy!)

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OH HEY, HI. hi. yes. this.

Two CD cases

Laser snail!

Luna moth!

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I love toasters, especially the iconic shiny chrome ones. I've drawn lots of them over the years (just looked at a bunch of terrible Photoshop-modified drawings from like 2002, ack). They're one of my fallback "I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING TO DO!!!" things.

So this guy now exists:

I am most proud of the plug - embroidery thread twisted to make the cord, knotted to make the plug, and sewing thread knotted up to make the prongs.

other details

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Sink or swim sheep

My friend Amanda and I traded notes every day for at least half of high school. She was a grade ahead of me and I guess we became friends toward the end of my freshman year. We wrote a lot of stories and made up sort of fantastical adventures (that mostly involved invading Canada and taking a boat to Europe). One of the inside jokes that came out of that was sink or swim sheep. I'm not exactly sure about the premise anymore, but I was thinking about it the other day. I am terrible at staying in touch with everyone I miss, so I made her this sheep in a life preserver and went to visit her.

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In honor of Andy Reid, and the other walrus coaches of the NFL.

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Trying again on those NMH things..

Simple little drawings. Machine embroidery and india ink on hand dyed linen (that might not really be linen).

as we would lay and learn-

what a beautiful face-

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Triceratops II

Sent off to a dude in Las Vegas.

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A bit about the CD cases..

The outer fabrics are all cotton hand dyes. I used lots of different methods - low-water immersion, various stitch resists, overdyeing, etc.
The inner fabrics are whatever commercial prints I have lying around. Some of it was yardsale or inherited. Some of it is a print I fell in love with and NEEDED TO OWN and yet had no idea what to do with.

All of the drawings are stitched using the freemotion function of my sewing machine. I sketch the image on paper first. I don't transfer the image directly, just make a few marks with a disappearing fabric marker, and just draw with the machine. There's a fairly heavy stabilizer on the back of the fabric to prevent tooooo much pulling on the fabric.

I am wholly unconcerned with perfect corners and squaring and hiding my thread tails. As long as the CD and insert fit, I'm happy!

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Last one for the day.. For our friend Aaron. The robot dude in the corner is an inside joke about one of our other friends in a more efficient robot version. Because extinct meat is delicious.

I do a lot of stuff with lasers.

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