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Recent dyed scarves

***REMINDER: I will be at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market this Sunday, March 29. 10am to 5pm. 275 S. Clinton Ave, Trenton NJ.***

I keep a drawer full of scarves that need more work in some way, and I pulled a few out and finished them up.

horror film scarf

oval scarf

spotlight scarf

purple drips scarf

haunted fence scarf

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the trash scarf

When I dye and paint my scarves, I like to keep one or two around for testing out techniques and materials, or for somewhere to use up any excess thickened dye. I guess they're kind of like scratch paper? Rags? Here are two examples I just retired:

inky trash scarf

I started this one about a year ago when I bought my first bottles of acrylic ink. There's ink and dye on this. I tested shading with a small brush, how the colors would bleed if they were wet, and how the colors mixed with white, among other things. I also dip-dyed it and did some other stuff.

dye trash scarf
This one features a few months' worth of thickened dyes. It was doubled up on a hanger, and I globbed the thickened dyes on it and let them drip down on their own. Usually after I retire one of these, I resist it and overdye it in some way, but I think this one looks pretty good as it is.


Sketching scarves

I usually draw and plan in my sketchbook before I paint or embroider or applique, just to make sure I can do it, or maybe there's some kind of muscle memory if I draw it small and then make it bigger? I don't know. There are a lot of people out there who don't use sketchbooks, but I'm not one of them. Sketches and samples and little mockups are some of my favorite things.

That all sounds very pretentious to say when the page I'm sharing is this:

page 33

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Beading progress: March 2-15

Beading progress, March 2-15

Went back to the right side of the dress to start filling in the hinge. Now I've run out of Gilmore Girls and have to pick something else on Netflix. (I don't really need suggestions, I just need to get better at making decisions.)


hoagie scarf

continuing my recent food theme..

hoagie scarf

hoagie scarf

hoagie scarf

Fiber reactive dyes and acrylic ink on 100% silk crepe de chine.


doop doop

Reminder: I'll be vending at the WTHS PTO Craft Fair tomorrow, March 7, 9am-3pm. It's in the 9-10 wing of the high school in Sewell, NJ.

Have a weird sketchbook page.

page 17

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macaroni and cheese scarf

First there was the pizza scarf, and then there was the macaroni and cheese scarf..

doodled macaroni and cheese scarf

doodled macaroni and cheese scarf

Vat dyed in fiber reactive dye, then I stretched it on the frame and drew all the macaroni with acrylic ink. Went back and added some thickened yellow-orange fiber reactive dye to highlight the noodles.


Shark jaw beading progress: February 16 to March 1

Beading progress week ending Mar 1

Finished two big sections and two itty-bitty sections in that time. You can see some comparison with what was finished Feb 2-15.


Pizza scarf

I wanted to do some more painted scarves before my shows in March, but my sketchbook has been light on good animal-themed things lately, so I was thinking about food, and what I did with the pigeon scarf from last year, and then oh right how about a whole pizza scarf?

pizza scarf

pizza scarf

Outlines are acrylic ink and the color is fiber reactive dye.


New scarves

When I was packing up after my last show, I realized my inventory was running low on red scarves. So in the beginning of February when I had the chance, I did a dye day. I stretched a scarf on my frame to paint, and vat dyed some yardage, some clothes, and ten scarves. Most of the scarves I planned on overdyeing later, but here's a preview of four I'm leaving as they are.

A preview of new dyed scarves

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