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Pizza scarf

I wanted to do some more painted scarves before my shows in March, but my sketchbook has been light on good animal-themed things lately, so I was thinking about food, and what I did with the pigeon scarf from last year, and then oh right how about a whole pizza scarf?

pizza scarf

pizza scarf

Outlines are acrylic ink and the color is fiber reactive dye.


New scarves

When I was packing up after my last show, I realized my inventory was running low on red scarves. So in the beginning of February when I had the chance, I did a dye day. I stretched a scarf on my frame to paint, and vat dyed some yardage, some clothes, and ten scarves. Most of the scarves I planned on overdyeing later, but here's a preview of four I'm leaving as they are.

A preview of new dyed scarves

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March events

I have a space at the Washington Township High School PTO Spring Craft Fair. I have no link for this! But I can tell you: It's Saturday March 7th in the 9-10 wing of WTHS, at the corner of Ganttown and Hurffville-Crosskeys Rd, Sewell NJ. I think it's 9-3?

and then!

I have a table at the spring edition of the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market. Sunday March 29th, 10-5pm at the Roebling shop, 675 South Clinton Ave, Trenton NJ. Click here for more info!

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Studio help

Linus on his throne

Linus is getting his fur on it BEFORE it becomes clothes. It just saves us all some time.

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Shark jaw beading progress..

I'm trying to finish one section of beads each week (ending on Sundays).

By February 8:
Beading progress: February 8

Beading progress: February 8

February 15:
shark jaw beading progress feb 15

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Update on that jacket: hey it’s been dyed!

Previously featured ill-advised jacket from a Burda pattern..
overdyed jacket
Now it is bluuuuue

I also dyed an old H&M hoodie that I never wear anymore. It was light heather grey. Now it is purple.

overdyed hoodie

Look at all the cat hair on my bedroom floor.

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A finished UFO!!

WELL, it's kind of finished. I'm going to dye it.

UFO finishing program

Pattern: BurdaStyle Batiste Jacket
Fabric: interlock knit from the Doodles collection at Jo-Ann, but wrong side out.

After I finished a couple of my Alabama Chanin garments, I was thinking about knit jackets.. I am always on the lookout for a moto-style jacket made out of knits. Not sure why. I just love them. And have never bought one. Burda has a great-looking moto jacket pattern (Larissa), but I felt like I didn't have nearly enough experience with sewing garments in general, much less trying to translate a pattern for wovens for use with knits and hand sewing! The batiste pattern looked so much simpler, so I thought it would be a better place to start.

Once I printed and cut the pattern, I planned on making one the right way so I could get the feel first before trying to change it. And then I did not do that at all and just cut it out of the knit. The interlock prints are from a children's line at Jo-Ann, so I decided to sew it wrong side out and dye it later. Whatever.

I don't remember when exactly I started this, but I estimate it was about a year and a half ago. I cut the parts and started putting them together, then realized it was probably unwearable or too odd in such fabric, so I left it in its own project box and moved on.

As I was sewing, the directions were a little vague in one part, and I'm pretty sure I sewed the band on backwards. Somehow. I sewed it on one way and thought "this looks totally wrong!" so I took it off and sewed it the other way. It still looked wrong. But by then I decided I didn't care enough about its wrongness to try again. May it stay that way forever.

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Mine is a very sophisticated operation

I am a person who went to art school and had to do 2-D design and owns at least two circle inking templates and various drawing and stenciling tools. But all those circles I've been appliqueing onto that little bolero vest thing, you know how I've been cutting them?

high tech tools

A roll of electrical tape and a Clover marking pencil, cut one at a time by hand. Cool. I remember auditioning circle sizes way back when I started this, and it was between the electrical tape and a tiny 1.3 oz glass jar candle from Bath & Body Works.


extra scrappy scraps

A side effect of scrappy mindless stitch-and-trim work is all the trimmings from the cutting table.. What to do with those? Maybe I'll spend a few hours every three months sewing those little bits onto a huge piece of water soluble plastic. Maybe in five years I'll have a scarf that's like a sedimentary record of things I've worked on.

someday, a scarf

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Halloweeny stripes UFO

I had a pile of small pieces of hand dyed fabrics, and I cut them into strips:
halloweeny stripes

Which I arranged and sewed like so:
halloweeny stripes

And then I hacked them all up and sewed them back together to get this:
halloweeny stripes

Another thing for the UFO pile, for now, I guess. Maybe it'll end up being another tote bag, who knows? I'm bad at nonrepresentational quilting.